The ‘Bar Car’ Signs

                There’s a bunch of  ‘Bar Car’ signs piled up in the tunnels that lead away from Grand Central.  They hit the side of the tunnel and fall off.  I bet they fall off near the same spot every time.  The sign itself is just taped to the side of the train to tell you which car is the bar car. 

                The crowd is pretty light today. Not much business on a Friday rush hour home in the summer.  Most people left far earlier in the day, which is not like the winter.  In the winter, it’s a party.  A car full of half strangers, some you don’t know, some you see once in awhile and those you see all the time.  Packed into the bar car to grab a drink on their way home. 

                The winter cars can be loud, especially around New Rochelle, when every one is half way through their first Gin and Tonic or 22oz. Fosters.  Friends who have taken the train together are deep in conversation with one usually talking and the other one nodding their head and replying with short sentence fragments.  Other people are sitting together because they work at the same place and live in the same place and sit together not to seem rude if they don’t actually like each other.  If friends they’re loud and already on their second before Larchmont, if not they just sit in silence with small bursts of conversation over the weather or the recent headlines.

                Couples are usually interesting.  Whether they work together or know each other from where they live, or just coming back early from a day in the city.  The body language or the confidence in the voice or the enthusiastic responses to glib remarks to make the conversation sound interesting is all very fun or very embarrassing.

                The bar signs just cannot be cleaned up.  I would think it’s the combination of factors including difficulty to get to, out of sight so completely ignored, or no one really knows about it.  Whatever the reason, they’re piling up down there.


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