The Welcoming Sea – Part IV

IV – Todd and Darrell on the Boat

Todd was pissed.  He looked into the darkness all around the boat.  He couldn’t even see the dark outline of land on the horizon anymore.  “Are you sure this is the place, you fucking drunk,” said Todd.

“Yeah, this is the place and don’t call me Shirley,” said Darrell in a slightly slurred voice even though it was far from the place.  He took another drink from the Thermos.  “You want some?”

“This is my fucking chance asshole! If I don’t make this pickup you are so FUCKING DONE”

He kept searching the darkness.  “You fucking drunken, daughter fucking piece of shit!”

“We’re done now”, came an eerily calm reply.

“Fuck” said Todd as he turned to see Darrell holding a small 9mm he had taken from his ankle holster.  Todd wrenched his body over the side.  He heard to sharp cracks and felt as though someone had hit him in the back with a heavy pillow as he fell into the water.


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