Job Growth and the Concerted Republican Effort to Hobble the Economy

The jobs report yesterday is the talk of the punditverse.  The basic take away was “the job growth was poor and there was a large amount of people who dropped out of the labor force.  This is bad for Obama.”

While the news media was making a lot of noise about it, I think its not so bad for Obama.  The general populace seems to accept that its not his fault.  They keep putting out that no president, except FDR, has been re-elected with this level of unemployment.  Yes, that’s right, but which president’s situation was similar?  Well  that would be FDR.

My problem is that the news media is not picking up on the concerted effort by repulicans to hobble the economy.  They are blocking the JOBS PLAN that President Obama has put forward.  They are primarily responsible for the majority of GOVERNMENT JOB LOSSES.  And despite the effort the JOBS GROWTH has been better than the previous republican administration.

The jobs report was a perfect example.  Positive 103k jobs added in the private economy and 7k LOST from government jobs.

Where is the news media pushing these points?  I simply cannot believe that this deceitful republican strategy is succeeding to a certain degree.  If it does suceed, what does that say for the future of America?


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