What the?!

“No. This plan is foolproof!” yelled Tony as he looked at Frank quizzically.

“No. This plan is seriously flawed.” noted Frank quite calmly as he caught a glimpse of yellow and brown charging towards them.

“Look, there is NO WAY any guard dog is going to get us. It’s brilliant!”

Tony had hatched this plan when he was working the construction crew for the jeweler’s warehouse. The only way to get into the warehouse was through the front, but at night the courtyard was guarded by dogs, he thought. “Beware of animals!” read the large yellow sign on the outside of the fence that led to the courtyard. But Tony; an electrician and telephone installer, had put 6-gauge wire on the left side wall. While there were plenty other wires feeding electricity and phone service, this one was a good 12 feet off the ground. Perfect enough shuffle across right to the 2nd floor window (the 2nd floor unalarmed window, I might add) of the warehouse.

Three days earlier…

Charlene was putting the last few touches on her new warehouse. All the work had finished and the workmen had left. Everything was almost in place. “Just waiting for one more delivery,” she thought to herself.

Her assistant Emma walked up to her. “Your guard Giraffes have arrived”

“Perfect” she said clapping her hands together.


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